Monthly Archive: January 2017

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Ushuaia: The End of the World

We left the humid and beautiful Iguazu Falls by aeroplane via Buenos Aires to make our way to Ushuaia where our boat departs in 3 days’ time for Antarctica.  EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!! Ushuaia is the southernmost...

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Iguazu Falls: Visiting both Argentine and Brazilian Sides

It is fair to say that I wasn’t too bothered about going to Iguazu Falls, I’d said to Greg that they were just waterfalls what’s so special about that?  Plus, I’ve been to Niagara...

colourful mountains near cerro de 7 colores and salt flats salinas grandes in north west argentina 3

Our Journey through North West Argentina

We had decided to hanker down for a couple of weeks, go to Spanish lessons and explore the delights of north west Argentina.  This blog highlights the mischief we got up to and the beautiful...