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Days 29 – 31: Bau Bau Lake Garda

Day 29: Bau bau (that’s Italian for woof woof), my language training is going pretty well, I can say “just throw it” in English, French, Italian, Dutch and Danish – pretty amazing for a...

Provence in a motorhome dog and man skateboarding sault 0

Provence in a Motorhome: Day 16: It’s a Dog’s Life

Provence in a motorhome is the title that the humans gave this blog, as a cocker spaniel, I prefer It’s a Dogs Life. Woof, woof! I asked the oldies if I could write today’s...


Introducing Juno; The Travelling Dog

Not Just Any Old Dog Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Juno.  I am a golden working cocker spaniel, currently 2 years old.  Some say that I am very spoilt by my human mommy...