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Travel Reflections: 2018 New Year

As the 2018 New Year is about to dawn, like most people I’ve taken the time for travel reflections on the year and think about my 2018 plans. Travel Reflections 2017 has been an...


Mid-Career Break; A Risk Worth Taking?

Seriously, a mid-career break? Who would give up successful jobs?  Half way through their career life cycle? To take a break and travel the world, unemployed and with no concept of what future income...

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40-something Gap Year

Undertaking a 40-something gap year is different to one taken, as is usual, straight out of college.  Not least in the way that you’ve built your life up for 20 more years, so you...

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The Big Why, and the Lesser Thought Through What

The why… Both of us hit our early 40’s recently and crossed a threshold of having been continuously at work in successful careers for around 20 years.  We found out that children were not an...