Spanish Lessons in South America

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4 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    More photos please

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ha, yes the accent here in Argentina is a little different! My husband learned here and now whenever we go anywhere people look at him quizzically and ask him where he’s from… Australia, but I learned Spanish in Argentina, he responds. Oh, now that makes sense with your accent!! But yes, hands down Argentina has such an incredible variety of things to see and places to visit. Buena suerte!

    • Greg says:

      Hey Rebecca, sorry for the delay in responding, we’ve been in Antarctica!! I love the accent in Argentina, it is so melodic and I have actually started to change my accent from classic Spanish to Argentinian as I like it so much. It will be interesting what I find when we are back in Europe. Argentina certainly is a superb country to visit and live I guess!

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