Welcome to 40 Steps Beyond

Who are we?

We are Greg and Michelle, two early 40-somethings who did the, apparently not too impossible and resigned from our jobs in order to embark on at least one year of travel.  Maybe more, depending on budget and level of continued interest.

We have a reasonable amount of savings for our trips, and decided to travel  as “flash packers”.  We weren’t prepared for shared dormitories, sometimes we can fly instead of getting the bus.  Equally we need to be prudent with our savings to ensure that the trip of a lifetime lasts as long as we wish it to.

When researching for our trip we found an abundance of information and blogs specifically useful for the younger “gap year’ers”.  We did find a lot of good tips from them, but there was nothing directly aimed towards travellers of our circumstance.   We have, though, met countless others (surprisingly more than we expected) in a similar situation to us.  So we wanted to start a blog and a site that would give our experiences and tips on “how to flashback in your 40’s/50’s”

Do you want to read more about our decision to travel or the impact of being 40 not 20, then click on “40-Something Adventurers” to see all the relevant blogs.